Autor: Andre Boeing

7000 humans – q7 global assembly

Although many people know about the crises on the planet and the huge inequalitiesbetween rich and poor, between those with food to eat and those without, the situation has not changed for decades....


It´s not a human project

That´s the lesson I´ve learned over the last 3 years. Since 2019 I´ve been enthusiastic about this magical Urban Grove I am grateful to live in. Short, inspired bursts of “Let´s do a shiny, sustainable...


Urban Grove 2020 Idee – archiviert

Urban Grove archiviert 2020 IDEE für ein medien- und naturpädagogisches Projekt zur Förderung von Lokal-Resilienz innerhalb der Stadtteil-Jugendarbeit Urban GardeningMedienwerkstattKochschulePop-Up...