It´s not a human project

That´s the lesson I´ve learned over the last 3 years.

Since 2019 I´ve been enthusiastic about this magical Urban Grove I am grateful to live in. Short, inspired bursts of “Let´s do a shiny, sustainable educational project for humans” in this valuable place.

Luckily, I haven´t had the time to put all my energy into this endeavor.  My other work kept me blissy. 5+2 racoon hatchlings + their mothers are as grateful as the hedgehogs, diverse birds, rodents, insects, cats, wild plants…. Grateful for having a nutritious refuge from humans in it´s dominated down-town. And I´ve been grateful for the grove hermitage myself. Silence and the sound of other animals after my work in human urban grounds.

As I said previously: 99% of the Urban Grove idea being sketched on this website is already happening successfully for decades: The wild growth of and refuge for a biodiverse community in which humans are 1 equal member.  And humans are not responsible for the 99%, except: letting it grow and getting into the flow.

So, I guess, no more “coming soons” here…the Urban Grove is not a human project! I get that now. And I am welcomed as 1 equal member with its unique being here into the Grove. invited to share what I have to share…to the circle – but most important: to learn a lot from the Grove it Self. With an amazed beginners mind.

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