Urban Groves

tiny, wild forestgardens in urban grounds. Refuge for a biodiverse community of Fauna and Flora in which humans are 1 equal member.

Urban Groves are not human centered > designed for a maximum yield to nurture our needs. And yet, there is naturally plentiful to nurture humans as well – our bodies & troubled minds…

It´s not a human project

That´s the lesson I´ve learned over the last 3 years.

Since 2019 I´ve been enthusiastic about this magical Urban Grove I am grateful to live in. Short, inspired bursts of “Let´s do a shiny, sustainable educational project for humans” in this valuable place.

Luckily, I haven´t had the time to put all my energy into this endeavor.  My other work kept me blissy. 5+2 racoon hatchlings + their mothers are as grateful as the hedgehogs, diverse birds, rodents, insects, cats, wild plants…. Grateful for having a nutritious refuge from humans in it´s dominated down-town. And I´ve been grateful for the grove hermitage myself. Silence and the sound of other animals after my work in human urban grounds.

As I said previously: 99% of the Urban Grove idea being sketched on this website is already happening successfully for decades: The wild growth of and refuge for a biodiverse community in which humans are 1 equal member.  And humans are not responsible for the 99%, except: letting it grow and getting into the flow.

So, I guess, no more “coming soons” here…the Urban Grove is not a human project! I get that now. And I am welcomed as 1 equal member with its unique being here into the Grove. Invited to share what I have to share to the circle – but most important: to learn a lot from the Grove it Self. With an amazed beginners mind.

Urban Grove „Ivy Oak“ in Kassel, Germany

A learning quest adventure – becoming 1 equal member of a biodiverse flora/fauna community again….

~1300 square meters private micro forestgarden at a heavily trafficked road downtown documenta town Kassel

the place

surf the images below to get a first impression

until I get this text written out 😉


Can we re-take, re-grow our place in the „natural order“ in which we are one member of Fauna  in a diverse eco system together with Flora ? We would still be a fascinating, beautiful, special animal among others. 

We now know, that the anthropogenic – the human factor is the dominant influence in the destruction of our shared ecosystem. We also know, that we are  very anthropocentric – focused on our needs as humans above all other needs of our earth community….and within that order even different classes of humans accompanied by immense social injustice.

We are also deeply embedded in the Myth, that we are outside nature and nature is the „environment“ that sourrounds us. We think ourselves as the Crown of Creation and everything else on Earth is mainly treated as servants to our needs.

We might want to heal that ill felt mind, bring it back into being a welcomed equal member of the Florafauna Family in all it´s uniqueness.

And who knows – one day we might really live up to our self given name: Homo Sapiens – Homo from „Humus“ „Earth“…. Sapiens from Sapere…wisdom..which also has the meaning „taste“ in old greek.

How can we re-grow and feel welcomed into the florafauna family as 1 equal member ? One open quest(ion) of the Grove

digital inclusive

Digital adventures are also part of the Grove idea.
Tiny computers measuring evironmental data and providing a local wifi to display the data in a styled, educational way. Mixed Reality „apps“… website storytelling… The Grove rebuild as a Minecraft world to play with, etc.

the digital is not the opposite of the natural. How can it be ?

If humans are 100% a whole part of nature, everything that is being produced by humans must also be nature. Maybe a new layer of nature. A new digital layer of nature does not automatically imply, that it is healthy for the whole. If it becomes to dominating and harms the homeostasis, „nature“ will find a way to balance it out. It surely needs us to help that balancing out process. So let´s listen deeply…

food & cooking

Garden to plate
text follows

one „grow food“ kitchen window could hand out yhummy menus featuring saisonal Grove produce freely on pop-up events

mythology + rpg

Imagine you would magically pop out of a stone wall in a refuge tunnel 4 meters below a grove…

in the end of the tunnel you see a light from above

You step out of the Earth tunnel….

you look around a tiny forest with strange noise nearby.

Who are you ? What is your backstory ? Your species and world ? What´s your new name ? Your abilities and dis-abilities, light, shadows, shades of grey ? How will you interact with the strange new world you have just landed in ? Our world as players in 2022…
Let´s free our self from how we usually introduce ourself and imagine  us anew as a fun life action role playing game which we can play in the Grove whenever we feel like….

My Grovatar´s name (Grove Avatar) btw. is
„Animandré, Druid in training“ but you can call me André as well 😉


Currently calling in a small group of fellows

André Boeing

Ivy Oak

name giver for this grove

An old oak that had been cut down a long time ago. 50+ years old Ivy growing as a berry crown on her head and another ivy weaving his skin. Ivy Oak has been growing new branches for 2 years now…spreading them out like a big hug and being so proud, that Ivy Oak did not want to drop even one of his autumn leaves this winter and spring.

Being cut down to a stump in the past, regrowing in vitality –  being a friendly, hugging, nurturing host for diverse life… is a perfect metaphor for this Grove´s name, intention and inspiration.

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That´s the lesson I´ve learned over the last 3 years. Since 2019 I´ve been enthusiastic about this magical Urban Grove I am grateful to live in. Short, inspired bursts of “Let´s do a shiny, sustainable educational project for humans” in this valuable place. Luckily, I haven´t had the time to put all my energy into […]

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